Monday, April 4, 2011

Share your dreams online with others

I found a great site to share your dreams with other people and see what your dream really mean. It is really a fun ideal, and fun to use and see what others say around the world about your dreams. You don’t even have to be a member to post a dream on the site. You do however need to be a member to make comments on others dreams and to rate the dreams as Normal, See a Doctor or Beyond Help and if you do post your dream as a logged in member then you will get emails when people comment and rate your dream. Give it a try I bet you will think it is fun.

There is not a lot to it but it is a great start up site, I know that someday there will be a lot of members on this site and you will be able to read new dreams at any time or the day. I have a blast just seeing what others say about my dreams and then also getting to see what others are dreaming and talking to them about it and seeing what everyone says.

If you have ever been to fmylife and liked then you will love this site. It works off of the same basic ideal. When you post your dream you are supposed to start your post off with the word Last night and then finish your dream with IMD, IMD stands for In My Dream. So your post would read something like this, Last night I was chased down by a lime green dear that I could not get away from, no matter how fast and far I ran the green dear was still there and it finally chough up to me and then it just said “Tag your it” and then ran back the other way as if it wanted me to chase in IMD . So it makes it sound like this really happened last night until you see the IMD part in the end.

I hope you go to the site and join it so you can find my dreams and see what you think about them and post comments and rate them, I want to get some of my dreams on the top rated page, the site keeps track of top rated dreams and puts them on the top rated page and I would love to get mine there, so go sign up, find my dreams and rate them.

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